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Easy version control for single files: RCS

Version control is a wonderful invention: it allows you to keep track of what has changed in a file (or directory hierarchy) between each revision.  When you have made some changes you “check in” (or “commit”) and leave a quick … Continue reading

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aspiring hacker’s reading list

Sometimes a random brief post has you spending some time marshaling your thoughts on a given subject.  Someone on slashdot asked about a reading list for an aspiring “coder” (whatever that is; hacker seems more suited).  I put out some … Continue reading

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a bit of knowledge of regular expressions

Today a collaborator who is working toward more automation in her ordinary computing work asked me how to use the amazing command-line browser wget to get the images out of a web page. wget has options to grab a whole web site: … Continue reading

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should a scientist be a hacker?

I always enjoyed programming, so I’m inclined to think that all scientists should also be good hackers.  On the other hand many very good scientists are not, so my inclination is probably incorrect. Still, every scientist should know how to … Continue reading

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