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Easy version control for single files: RCS

Version control is a wonderful invention: it allows you to keep track of what has changed in a file (or directory hierarchy) between each revision.  When you have made some changes you “check in” (or “commit”) and leave a quick … Continue reading

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aspiring hacker’s reading list

Sometimes a random brief post has you spending some time marshaling your thoughts on a given subject.  Someone on slashdot asked about a reading list for an aspiring “coder” (whatever that is; hacker seems more suited).  I put out some … Continue reading

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a bit of knowledge of regular expressions

Today a collaborator who is working toward more automation in her ordinary computing work asked me how to use the amazing command-line browser wget to get the images out of a web page. wget has options to grab a whole web site: … Continue reading

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programmers who get respect

I was just re-reading this interesting rant from Zed Shaw, author of “Learn Python The Hard Way” and other “the hard way” books: The whole blurb is worth reading to see his point of view, although I disagree with some … Continue reading

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Using PyEphem to get the ground coordinates of a satellite

The PyEphem package is pretty amazing. The tutorial will show you many things. I had a simple application for it: I needed to take a satellite’s orbital information and get the ground longitude/latitude under that satellite at a given time. A … Continue reading

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word processor versus typesetter

Today I saw a couple of scientific papers which were written with a word processor (probably Microsoft Word, but possibly libreoffice) instead of a typesetting approach (such as TeX/LaTeX). I realized how fortunate I am that I seldom have to … Continue reading

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starting with hdf5 — writing a data cube in C

pre(r)amble Let us start using hdf5 to write out a “data cube” — in our example a series of scalar values f(x, y, z). hdf5 is a library written in C but it can be called from many programming languages. … Continue reading

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